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CDL Training & Programs

Are you a Military Veteran • High School Graduate • GED Then a Career in Truck Driving Might be for YOU!

Atlanta CDL Training School – CDL License Training & Programs


Our comprehensive CDL training program gives you everything you need to know to get your CDL, to drive a truck professionally, and to get employed in the trucking industry.


How Long is the Class? Our CDL classes are 160-hours and last 4 short weeks.


What will you Learn? You will learn the skills to safely operate a tractor-trailer on rural roads, city streets and highways under various traffic weather and road conditions. You will also learn how to transport hazardous materials, air braking system, combination vehicles, plan trips, read maps, complete permits, log service hours, conduct vehicle inspections and the importance of compliance with commercial motor vehicle regulations.


Students will receive 64-clock hours of actual behind the wheel (BTW) training on the school’s range; in addition to receiving 64-clock hours of actual BTW training on rural roads, city streets, and highways during their four weeks of CDL training.


CDL - A Training

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Are you a Military Veteran, High School Graduate or have a GED? Then a CDL - A License Could be Right for YOU!

A CDL-A license provides you with the widest variety of vehicles you can transport. You can drive single vehicles or combination vehicles (tractor-trailer) with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 26,001 pounds. You can transport trailers that exceed 10,000 pounds.

Please note, there are special endorsements you must obtain to transport certain cargo. With a Class-A license, you can operate the following:


  • Semi-truck

  • Tractor-trailer

  • Double and Triple trailers

  • Tankers

  • Livestock carriers

  • Flatbeds

  • And all Class-B & Class-C licensed-approved cargo

With a wide array of freight you can transport, you put

yourself in an optimal situation for lucrative companies to come knocking at your door!

A Class-B license permits the driving of a single vehicle allowing you to transport freight that weighs less than 10,000 pounds gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR).  For those that want to Segway into the industry, the Class-B license program is for you. It offers different trucking jobs to allow for diversity and if you decide later that you want to get your Class-A license, it’s an easy upgrade.  It also offers endless opportunities for those that have the desire to operate big vehicles and freight but need to stay close to home. With a Class-B license, you can operate the following:


  • Straight trucks

  • Buses, including city transport buses, school buses, and tour buses

  • Segmented buses

  • Delivery and courier trucks

  • Concrete delivery trucks

  • Dump and garbage trucks

  • Utility repair vehicles

With a Class-B license you open the door of access to many major lucrative companies seeking your desired skill set eagerly awaiting to hire you with a starting pay of $20+/hr.

CDL - B Training

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Are you a Military Veteran, High School Graduate or have a GED? Then a CDL - B License Could be Right for YOU!

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Start your Journey Today!

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